Our Team

Dr. Loai Mohammed Deeb GNRD President

PhD in International Law. 15 years of activities in the field of human rights. Member of many lawyers associations, such as in Cairo, Paris, London. Fellow of the Academy of European Law in Germany. Member of the Union for the ICC in Lahaye “Den Haag”.

Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) aims to protect and promote human rights and development. We use brave ideas and new approaches to make real changes. GNRD already acts in many corners of the world and will soon make its presence global.

Our dream is of a world without human rights violations; we believe that our ambitious goal and our strong team will succeed in doing so.

We are proud: to cooperate with the African Union Commission, to have accreditation with the European Union Parliament and act with the support of its members, to be active within the Human Rights Council Sessions at the United Nations, and to be supported by the member-countries of the Arab League. We are thankful to each and every person and institution that works with us to realize the GNRD dream.

We concentrate on enhancing cooperation between the private and public sector in the academic, technical and political spheres to provide technical and humanitarian assistance in developing countries, to promote social justice, conflict mediation, and the application of the rights recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

GNRD is there where others need us. We will continue our efforts no matter what the circumstances and difficulties are. Join us to achieve our goal of a world without violations!

Board of Directors

Mr. Abozer Elmana Elligai GNRD Vice-President

More than 20 years of experience in NGOs work and cooperation with United Nations. Main GNRD representative at UN Offices in New York and Vienna; at Human Rights Council Sessions in Geneva. Consultant at AUC in Human Rights Field.

Prof. Ali Ahmad Abdalla AlananzehBoard of Directors

GNRD Regional Representative. Main GNRD representative regarding the field of Water and Alternative Energy Assignments. Assistant Professor at Mutah University (full-time professor during 2005-2010), at University of Jordan, at University of Bahrain.

Dr. Hassan Mousa Board of Directors

GNRD representative and spokesperson for Political Affairs. Representative of the Arab Lawyers Union at the United Nations in Vienna. Director of the Islamic Pedagogical Academy, Vienna. Representative of Arab Organization for Human Right.

Mrs. Shamsa Qaraiban Board of Directors

Main responsible person for Protocol within GNRD. Director of GNRD-Dubai, UAE. Experience in management, sales, project management, development, systems and strategic planning, advertisement and media.

Mr. Shawqi Abdelmajid Issa Board of Directors - freeze Membership

Responsible person for GNRD networking and relations building with NGOs. Legal consultant for Maannews Agency. General Director of Ensan Center for Democracy and Human Rights –Palestine.

Mr. Magdy Elsayed Salim Kaoud Board of Directors

GNRD main representative at the Arab League. Lawyer in High court of Egypt. The Owner of AL Teleghraph newspaper “Egypt”. International Arbitration course at League of Arab States. Intellectual property course at league of Arab States.

Mr. Ramadan Abu Jazar Board of Directors

He helped in establishing new regional directions of GNRD activities and cooperation. Thus, after succesful work in Africa and Europe, and as a GNRD-Brussels Director Mr. Ramadan has become a member of GNRD Board of Directors in 2014.

Goodwill Ambassadors

Mrs. Carole Samaha Goodwill Ambassador

GNRD High Commissions

Dr. Joseph Chilengi GNRD High Commission on Africa

Mrs. Anne-Marie Lizin GNRD High Commission on Europe

Mrs. Jaina Desai GNRD High Commission on Asia

Executive Committee

Ms. Evgenia Kondrakhina GNRD Chief Executive Manager

Mr. Jehad Jaghoub GNRD Chief Operating Manager

Mr. Ahmad Salem GNRD Chief Public Relations Manager

GNRD Executive Committee has a great pleasure to welcome each visitor of our website. We are grateful for your interest in GNRD, our activities and members. We would highly appreciate your contributions and brave ideas for the world without human rights violations. Teams of our regional offices are always ready and glad to answer any of your inquires and welcome at our offices.

Remember our logo “We are always there, where others need us,” and feel free to contact us!

GNRD Headquaters, Norway

Mrs. Anna Zotova Head of Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism Department

Ms. Janneke Stein Assistant Manager, Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism Department

Ms. Rhonda L D Belous Head of Development Department

Ms. Nina Ismail Head of Capacity Building Department

Mr. Taoufiq Derradji Head of Fundraising Department

Ms. Victoria Brannan Project Manager, Business and Human Rights Department

Mr. Krishna Upadhyaya Project Manager, Department on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Ms. Tinna Isebarn Project Manager / Coach, Project “I Have Right To Play”

Ms. Bernadette Gemmell Project Manager, GNRD-W

Ms. Maren Jonannesen Researcher, GNRD-W

Ms. Nina Meldahl Project Manager, Department on Norway

Ms. Iman Kablaoui Communication Manager

Mr. Nazrul Islam Head of Media Department

Mr. Thomas Bechmann Assistant Producer/Assistant Project Manager, Media Department

Mr. Gundev Ghimire Assistant Producer/Assistant Project Manager, Media Department

Mr. Reza Ahmadzadeh Assistant Producer/Assistant Project Manager, Media Department

Mr. Fahad Atalla Assistant Project Manager

Mr. Anders Melhus Assistant Project Manager

Mr. Jeyad Ahmad Information Officer

Ms. Malén Stølen Jurist / Lawyer

Mr. Ali Mustafa Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. Asmaa Aly Assistant Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. Rita Strand Assistant Manager, Operations Department

Mr. Nazar Sousi Assistant Finance Manager

Ms. Linda Kirigi Intern, Development Department

Mr. Sean Coleman Intern, Business and Human Rights Department

Ms. Luisa Reges Volonteer, GNRD-W

GNRD Headquaters has an agreement with Advokatfirma Endresen Brygfjeld Torall ASI, a Norwegian law firm for legal advice and legal action.
Contacts of Advokatfirma Endresen Brygfjeld Torall ASI:

Phone: +47 51 89 96 00
Cell phone: +47 99 35 17 35
Fax: +47 51 89 96 01

GNRD Headquaters has an agreement with Autorisert regnskapsførerselskap, a Norwegian accounting firm
Contacts of Autorisert regnskapsførerselskap

Registration number: 987 794 674
Breigata 10, 4006 STAVANGER

GNRD-Amman, Jordan

Mr.Omar Kharabshih Researcher

Ms.Alaa Saymeh Assistant Finance Manager

Ms. Alia Kraishan Secretary

GNRD-Brussels, Belgium

Mr. Alaa Abu Dakka Deputy-Director

Mrs. Marine Ejuryan Assistant Project Manager

Omar Al Manssi Assistant Project Manager

Mr. Brandon Locke Researcher

GNRD-Brussels has an agreement with IFKIRIN REDOUANE COMPTA-CONSULTING Bureau Comptable & Fiscal, a Belgian accounting firm
Contacts of IFKIRIN REDOUANE COMPTA-CONSULTING Bureau Comptable & Fiscal:

Address: BD. ED. MACHTENS, 129
1080 Brussels
Phone: 02 / 410 23 39
Fax: 02 / 410 32 64
email: redouane@comptaconsulting.be


Mr. Mohammed Deeb Project Manager

Ms. Faten Kiblawi Secretary

GNRD-Geneva, Switzerland

Ms.Alexandra Grolimund Assistant Project Manager

Mr. Numan Baltaci Assistant UN Project Manager

Mr. Mustafa Baltaci Assistant Finance Manager

GNRD-Geneva has an agreement with First Business Management, a Swiss audit and consultancy firm for legal advice and accounting.
Contacts of First Business Management:

Address: rue de l'Est 6 1211 Genève, Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 310 97 91
website: www.firstgroup.ch

GNRD-Geneva has an agreement with Etude Reymond, Ulmann & Fischele, a Swiss law firm. Our contact person is Ms. Leila Mahouachi.
Contacts of Etude Reymond, Ulmann & Fischele and Ms. Leila Mahouachi:

Address: 4, route des Jeunes
1227 Les Acacias
Genève, Switzerland
Phone: 022 737 21 10
Fax: 022 737 21 11

GNRD-Valencia, Spain

Mrs. Diana Espinosa Director – Valencia Office

Mrs. Maria Banon Head PR Manager - Valencia Office

Mr. Miguel Cuñat Assistant PR Manager

Ms. Laura Ruiz Project Manager

Ms. Nuria Zarzo Secretary


Ms. Fernanda Gomes Researcher

Ms. Diana Carlasuc Researcher

Mrs. Anwaar Shamseh Translator

Ms. Rasha Soliman Translator

Mr. Omar Al-Sayed IT Coordinator

Mr. Mouaz Ibrahem IT Coordinator